Drainage Solutions

Water damage can really do a number on both commercial and residential property. However, excessive water damage is usually preventable with a proper drainage system. First Water Contracting is here to meet all of your drainage system needs. If you find that your property is suffering following a rainy day, it might be time to contact us to correct the problem. Here are just a few of the damages that can occur from poor drainage on your property.

Flooding is the most common damage caused by poor drainage. Flooding can occur as a large body of water surrounding a property or pooling in pockets throughout a commercial parking lot. Rainy seasons can be difficult and cause major flooding if the drainage system is not doing its’ job. Flooding can cause damage not only to your yard or 
asphalt but can also seep into homes and buildings causing much further damage. 

Structural Damage
Structural damage is particularly common in commercial parking lots, but can also occur in home driveways. When water pools on asphalt, it can cause cracking and potholes that can be dangerous to anyone entering your parking lot. Drivers can damage their vehicles on the potholes or customers could slip and fall in puddles of water that have pooled in the cracks or potholes. 

Personal Injury Damage
Personal injury is an unfortunate side effect 
of poor drainage. When a personal injury occurs to you on your own property at home, it is unfortunate and you might have pain and medical bills to deal with. However, when injuries occur on the commercial property, the owner can be held responsible for the injury due to faulty drainage. Liability is a major reason you need to stay on top of your drainage and take care of your parking lot. 

Other Damage
There are other damages that can occur when from poor drainage. Homeowners can be looking at property damage throughout their home and their yard including mold, rotting wood, overflowing gutters, driveway asphalt damage, damage to foundation or structure of the home, flooding in basement, erosion, etc. Commercial properties can suffer
 theloss of products by flooding inside the building, loss of customers due to poor parking lot conditions, and loss of revenue from other damage and being unable to continue business. 

It may be time to update your drainage, to avoid major damage. Call First Water Contracting today and we will evaluate your drainage and propose a new solution.

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