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Benefits of Proper Maintenance in Norman, OK

Business Image and Cost

Keeping your pavement properly maintained not only beautifies your property, it is also the biggest factor in preventing premature pavement failure and costly repairs.

Asphalt pavements should be crack sealed, sealcoated, and re-striped every 2-3 years, depending on climate and location.

Concrete pavements should be inspected annually to check for cracking, and all joint sealants should be replaced anywhere the sealant has pulled apart from the joint surfaces.
Making an Asphalt Road — Asphalt Service Norman, OK

First impressions truly are everlasting, and an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Assure a positive first impression for your business and prevent the need for repairs by properly maintaining your asphalt or concrete pavement.


Asphalt pavement with linear cracking can usually be given further service life by proper crack sealing methods and sealing the surface. However, potholes and extensive "alligator" cracking will usually require patching.

Concrete pavement, while offering some advantages over asphalt pavement, also poses a few distinct disadvantages. One of these disdvantages is that once cracks form, patching of the failed area is very often required to prevent further failures from developing adjacent to the problem area.

Whatever your pavement condition, rest assured. First Water Contracting has the knowledge and the highest-quality products to repair your property as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.